Hello world, welcome to my blog “My Life on Screen” this is the space in which I have chosen to share my journey with you. My life has always been interesting, as a story teller I have come to appreciate learning from the chapters of my own life. Through my travels, struggles and accomplishments I have amassed a wealth of knowledge which I will share with you. I do not know it all however, so we will also be learning new things and growing towards even more success.

This blog will focus on my life as a storyteller, you see I want to make movies, great movies that the world can appreciate. To achieve this will take a great amount of effort and encouragement. I want to take you guys along for the ride, and hopefully inspire someone else to become what they want to become while at the same time keeping myself inspired.

I’m excited to get started, I hope you are too. Success awaits.

Kishmar Shepherd 


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