Five reasons for starting this Blog

Here are my five reasons for starting this blog.

1) To challenge myself – 

I always wanted to impact my culture, but, like most people my age I suffer with a sever case of procrastination. As students we complain about not having enough time because of school, as adults we complain about not having enough time because of work. The only way to find time to do something you want to do it to make time rather than making excuses. I realised that you challenge yourself to be more productive, that is the reason for this Blog I will challenge myself to make more content. Each week I post a story from my life as an aspiring story teller. It may be life advice, professional advice on camera equipment or techniques or even a challenges for the readers to undertake a task. I promise to keep the posts coming and it interesting.
2) To share my knowledge – 

Through my life I have grown a lot as a storyteller, a cameraman, and an individual. I now want to share some of what I have learned with the world. I have learned from other people who wrote articles, made tutorial videos and shared what they knew with me. Now I think it my time to help others who want to become better photographers, directors, or script writers. I will put my knowledge in a very Caribbean context and show how we can tell our stories in a very real and interesting way.

3) To share my stories – 

One of the best ways to learn about something from someone is through their stories. I intend to share my stories with the world hence the title of this blog. Through articles, videos and even poems I will share my experiences with you, happy, sad, upsetting whatever it may be. This is where you will get to know me and maybe even learn from my experiences.

4) To inspire others – 

I have achieved some level of success and I want others to do the same. It may seem a long way away from where you are now, but I want to show you how close your success really is. I want to inspire other people to challenge themselves and pursue their dreams no matter how far fetched they seem. Others have inspired me to be better today that I was yesterday. I want to do the same for someone else.

5) To build my reputation – 

This blog is also to show my skills and knowledge in wide range of areas. By helping you to learn I will be polishing up my skills and building my portfolio. We will be going through the processes of making short films, conducting interviews, writing scripts, screen plays and much more. It won’t always be easy but if you are as passionate about storytelling as I am you will enjoy it. Let’s become renowned for our storytelling.

Kishmar Shepherd

Check out the video for this post below


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