Wednesday Catch-up

Its Wednesday June 19th, five days since my first blog post, so I decided to let you guys in on what I have been up to.

First, I just want to thank everyone who expressed their support for what I am doing with this blog and to especially thank those who encouraged me to keep going. The feedback has been amazing. I promise not to let you guys down.

Ok let’s catch up on what I have been doing since I last posted.

I visited Boone Hall on the weekend to do a small photo-shoot for one of my clients, I had never been there before but I think I will return someday. It’s a very beautiful location and a good site for good photography or video shoots. There is a river which runs through the property, lots of open space and dense foliage. It gives a photographer or director several options to work with.

While there I didn’t only take photos for my client however. I usually like to squeeze in a few shots for myself when I do shoots in new locations. It’s a great way to keep adding stuff to your portfolio and to your Flickr account.


Check out my Flickr here:

On Sunday I also did a photo-shoot for a hair salon which was amazing, hopefully there will be behind the scenes footage of that coming soon.

I  also started writing some concepts for a short film series I’m thinking of, more information on that at a later date.

I missed an opportunity to enter a short film competition in Barbados because I found out about it on the final day of submissions. Not to worry there are several other competitions to enter that I’m getting ready for.

I have not finished my entry for Kingston on the edge Festival as yet. The deadline is Friday so I have to get cracking.In fact I’m going to start right now, later guys.

Look out for the next official blog post on Friday when I share: 5 Great Sites to teach you how to use your camera. I will also be making a video for it, so stay tuned.

Kishmar Shepherd


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