Dealing with Disappointment

Don’t you hate it when things don’t work out the way you planned? Here is my story.

A few months ago  (April) my classmates from CARIMAC helped me to plan and shoot a short film to enter the  Lignum Vitae Film Festival hosted by NCU (Northern Caribbean University) however the pressures of finishing our final documentary did not give me enough free time to edit the film so we missed the deadline.

I didn’t mind much, I still had all that great footage so I figured I would enter the Kingston on the Edge Film Festival in June (plenty of time right?).

Fast forward to June the deadline for the Kingston on the Edge Film Festival was fast approaching and I was so busy with transitioning from school to employment the film still was not edited. So I got a great idea, I decided to take the project to one of my friends who is a noted editor for him to spice up the edit with special effects and make the movie even better than I could (I’m no go with special effects).

Long story short, that was a bad idea he took the film and stalled until the last minute, then on the very last day of submission he sent his edit, but it was way below what I would consider acceptable. At that point I tried to re-edit to make the deadline but that was impossible. I missed the deadline and to this day the film remains unseen.

What hurt the most, wasn’t that the movie wasn’t seen, I was more upset that I missed a great networking opportunity. Kingston on the Edge Arts Festival is a wonderful event and has grown a lot, gaining a good reputation as showcasing high quality talent. Many persons involved in the film and production industries attend the Film Night to see what their friends are up to and to have a look at what other upcoming talents are doing. It would have been the perfect night to have my work seen by people who matter. These were the people who could give me sound advice and direction, people I hope to work with in the future and people who I want to know my name.

I sat and thought about all of this on the day, I did not even bother to attend the event. I just stayed home and sulked in my misery. But feeling sorry for yourself does not help much, so I had to learn to deal with my disappointment.

    1. Accept

First I had to come to terms with the fact that I missed a great networking opportunity and I had to accept that.

I had to accept that despite the involvement of others in the mishap it was MY fault. I should have overseen the editing more closely and made sure it was done right or just do it myself, it was my project at the end of the day and that means it was my responsibility.


After I accepted the reality of the situation I analysed everything and looked at my mistakes. I was too busy to edit the film, although I had a significant amount of time.
I tried to pass off my responsibilities to someone else when I should have taken charge of the presentation of my work.

If something is important to you, then take time out to handle it properly don’t leave it up to others.
When something goes wrong analyse your mistakes, learn from them and never make the same mistakes twice.

3. Prepare

Often time after disappointment we spend so much time feeling sorry for ourselves, we miss a second opportunity or don’t even realise we had one. We may not always get it right the first time but if we learn from our mistakes the second chances should never pass us by. When dealing with disappointment we have to use that sour feeling as fuel to correct what went wrong the first time and prepare for the next opportunity. And if it comes make sure you bounce back with intensity.

Follow these simple steps and you will learn and grow from your disappointment as I have. Since my unfortunate situation I have been putting more of my time and effort into what matters to me. I re-edited the movie myself and although it is not perfect I’m proud of it. I used that disappointment to motivate me to work harder on my craft. Missing that opportunity was a big wake up call for me, things won’t always go your way but if you want something bad enough you won’t let disappointment discourage you form pursuing your dreams.

Kishmar Shepherd


My film is finished and will be on display at the second showing of the films from the Kingston on the Edge Arts Festival so look out for that. I will post more information when it is announced.


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