My week of challenges and questionable decisions

I know I missed my blog day on Friday, but I assure you it was under extreme circumstances.

Last week was particularly hectic for me, on Monday I got a call from one of my former Classmates offering me a job to do two 5 minute video for Digicel by Friday. Now this of course took precedence over everything I was doing before. Digicel is a great company to have in your portfolio so we channeled all our energy towards our new project.

We shot on Wednesday and brought in an editor to edit the videos, unfortunately when working with external people time can run thin as I found out, and the clients can get antsy to see “something” as soon as possible. Needless to say it was a very tense and stressful week for me, but I came out stronger and wiser at the end; and Digicel got 2 great videos.

From that experience I learned the importance of communication, attention to detail, patience and keeping a cool head. All that in 4 days (It wasn’t easy).

So after that I was persuaded (by my boss) to go to a party on Friday night to celebrate, which would have been fine if I didn’t have a shoot at 9 am the next morning. Even worse, while we were at the party we got an email asking for me to do two additional shoots on Saturday afternoon. The problem was, by the time the emails cam in I was already in the party vibe (had a few drinks) and I was feeling great.

I wasn’t feeling great the next morning however, when I had to wake at 8 am to get to my shoot. I was bit hung over from the night before, sore from the football game I played Friday evening, and operating on less than 10 hours of sleep for the entire week thanks to the Digicel project which kept me leaving the office in the wee hours of the morning only to be awakened by phone calls a few hours later.

Still I showed up early for the shoot which entailed working with small children and annoying (unwanted) assistant creative directors aka Parents. It was a horrible morning; simply put I didn’t produce my best work. Still I got what I came for then left to try to get home and grab some food to soak up the alcohol and a few hours’ sleep before the next shoot.

If not for a call from our social media manager to ask me how the shoots were going I would have missed them completely. I jolted out of be quickly got ready and hurried to the location (still tired). Thankfully there were no small children on this shoot and I could relax, get into my groove and produce some good images.

After a week like that I was in no writing mood. But can you blame me?

Anyway guys I have big news coming up this Friday do stay tuned to the blog. I promise it will be worth it.


Kishmar Shepherd


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