Learning from Failure

It has been over a month since I last made a blog entry, but today I break the silence.

There are several reasons why I have been absent from my writing. When I started this blog I promised to share my journey with you, but somewhere on the road my journey took me to a place where I was unhappy; and since I had nothing positive to write about I decided not to write anything at all.

I know now that this was wrong, for the purpose of this blog was not only to inspire others with the stories of the good times but to educate through my own experiences; both good and bad.

So here goes my story, I hope it prepares someone for the tough times ahead in their own journey.

I guess should start by admitting that I was overly optimistic to think things would just go exactly how I planned them to. I was in a new and exciting situation and I only looked for the best possible outcome, ignoring the signs that my ideals were far from reality. This was my first mistake and I would advise all dream chasers to analyse your situations carefully, looking at both the best possible outcome and the worst and make intelligent decisions. Also, constantly monitor and evaluate as time progresses and do be afraid to walk away if you see no benefit for yourself. Sometimes we hold on too long and miss other great opportunities. Don’t be afraid to let go, it may be whats best for you.

Another very important lesson I learned over the last two months is that you must know your worth, and not sell yourself short or let others devalue your work. When I was a young photographer I did jobs for little to nothing or sometimes even for free, because I was new to the art form and was still learning. After I had mastered the basics, gotten some experience I started charging more. Eventually I became even better after lots more experience and building my reputation so I started charging what the other professionals charged because I knew I was worth it. Then I started working with others who would book jobs and they wanted to pay me what they could afford, which was fine with me at first but then I realized that I was putting myself in a bad situation because I was giving high quality service for bargain prices. This left me in financial strain and eventually the quality of my work suffered because I was worrying about balancing my finances and not on my service.

This was a very important lesson for me and it could be beneficial to share this with others. If you have worked hard to attain a level of skill you should be rewarded fairly for that. Charge a fair wage and deliver the best possible product to your clients. Do not give poor work and DO NOT accept less than what you are worth.

Of course they are exceptions to this rule but be very careful how charitable you are you may be helping others and setting up yourself for failure.

The other lesson I will share with you is to never be ashamed to admit failure. Sometimes we let our pride stop us from admitting when we fail, this is dangerous. It is better to admit we have fallen short and learn from our mistake than to ignore our errors and carry on in denial. Saving face for other people will not help you to grow and become better. I have learned to quickly and openly accept my failure because I know I have learned from it and will succeed in the future. In every failure there is a lesson, a wise man will learn it, study it and be better, a fool ignores it and is blinded by arrogance.

My final lesson learned on my bumpy journey is that I really have found my passion and nothing will stop me from pursuing it. Truly it is only when your dream has been so severely tested that you can tell if you still really want it or not. I could have easily given up on my dream, and on my passion. I could have gone for a regular job and made some money and lived a normal, simple life; but I decided to not let my passion die because of my initial failure. Instead I have taken an even bigger risk; I returned to Barbados and started my own media company. It is called Nu Visual Media and we specialise in Video Production, Photography and Marketing Communications. Be sure to check us out on Vimeo, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter and show your support. We will be bringing lots of high quality content to the web when we launch on October 1 so save the date.

Two Tone


That’s all for now, I hope this information has inspired you to keep following your passion and to learn mistakes not avoid them.

I leave you with these questions. What is your passion and are you following it?


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