Build Caribbean Connections, Don’t Burn Them

Much has been made of the Shanique Myrie “finger raping” case over the last few days. It seemed like everyone had an opinion on the ruling. For those of you that were living under a rock last week, the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) ruled that the Barbados Government breached Jamaican Shanique Myrie’s right of entry when she was denied entry to the country more than two years ago, and awarded her more than $75,000.

This was a very touchy case for me as a Barbadian who has lived in Jamaica for a few years and built strong connections with my Caribbean neighbours. I had to endure senseless rants from both Barbadians and Jamaicans, thank God my Trinidadian friends stayed out of it for the most part.

 How we treat each other

As Caribbean people, we tend to say terrible (and untrue) things about each other all too often. and this case brought out some very awful comments from normally nice people.  Fortunately there are still some sane people in the region who want to see us come together and solve our problems. I am also thankful for the University of the West Indies and Cricket (although they have their problems). They have been bringing Caribbean people together for many years.

How we should treat each other

Now the younger generation must take up this cause. We must realise that we are the future of this region and we must do what our forefathers could not. I strongly believe that it is only by standing together that the Caribbean will begin to solve the problems we face individually. I am not claiming to have all the answers but I do have a suggestion.

In working with a truly incredible individual while in Jamaica, I learned to see the world in a different way. Incredible people have a way of rubbing off on you that way. This genius (as he thinks himself to be) suggested that instead of trying to change the world externally, each person works on being a better individual. He proposed that if enough people did this we set examples for others to follow and eventually we would have an infinitely better world.

While this may not be the real answer to the world’s problems, it does have some merit. I look at people like Oprah Winfrey, Jay Z, Sean Combs, Barack Obama, Will Smith, and too many others to mention. These people have achieved success, but they have done more than just succeed, they inspire others to reach for greatness.

Indeed I subscribe to inspiring others by living my life as an example for others to follow. I’m not perfect, but I honestly try.

And so I have joined forces with my “genius” colleague to set an example for building Caribbean connections and we are doing it through our start-up business ventures. As you know I manage a video production company Nu Visual Media and my colleague owns Ikonik Social Media Agency, a Jamaican Social Media Management company. Together we have combined our efforts to produce Ikonik “Quotes”, a weekly inspirational video for our joint Caribbean audience.



I hope this partnership will inspire other young Caribbean people to find ways to work together in whatever area they find themselves in. Rather than burn bridges with hateful words towards our Caribbean neighbours, let’s all reach out and try to bring some unity to this region.

I am doing my small part. What about you?


Kishmar Shepherd


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