Balcony TV to Barbados

A few months I was browsing the Internet and came across something truly brilliant, a movement called Balcony TV. For those of you who don’t know about it, Balcony TV is an international movement which started in Dublin, Ireland and spread to every continent on the planet. Balcony TV is a simple concept, a band or artist performing live on a balcony recorded by one camera. Very simple, yet in these short videos we get a sense of intimacy, culture and a true love and appreciation for music.

I immediately became a fan and started watching Balcony TV episodes from around the world. New York, London Spain and over 50 other cities have set up franchises of Balcony TV so far.

Then it occurred to me, there was no Balcony TV in the Caribbean. I was amazed that no one had thought to bring this great show to the Caribbean given the amount of talent we have in our small region.

So I took the decision that I would be the one to bring Balcony TV to Barbados, a bold move I admit. I ran the idea by my business partner Damien who loved it. We then approached Balcony TV and told them that Nu Visual Media would like to produce for Balcony TV in Barbados.

We were not sure if they would even reply to a small production company in Barbados that’s just getting off the ground, but they did and they loved the idea. Days later we were planning a demo shoot on the Balcony of my house.  Aim high, attempt great things.

First attempt

The first time we tried we started late and were racing against sunset, we couldn’t find the right shot, and didn’t have any lights, needless to say it didn’t come out the way I envisioned. I had promised Balcony TV to submit the demo within a week but looking at the footage we had I wasn’t ready. So I opted to reshoot rather than submit sub-par work. This turned out to be a great decision.
Never settle for anything less than great work.

The following week Yellow Bird Hotel stumbled on to my Instagram liked several of my photos, and an idea sparked in my brain. Acting on impulse I quickly send them a message offering my services free of charge in exchange for the use of their balcony to shoot my demo. Just like that things began to happen, we met to discuss the shoot and the hotel management fully bought into my vision for Balcony TV Barbados. We contacted local bands and to my surprise booked Kite for the shoot the very next week.
Follow your instincts, get creative, and reach out to others.

Things were looking up, but the day before the shoot Kite called and cancelled; they had urgent business to attend to. Needless to say I was crushed when I called my business partner Damien to give him the bad news. When I told him Kite cancelled his response was so inspiring it restored all hopes of our business being successful.

He simply said “ok, let’s get someone else” without hesitation or a second thought of giving up. This gave me such confidence in our partnership, words cannot explain.

Having a team member that immune to defeat is an empowering feeling, someone who will battle on through obstacles even when I have doubts of success is exactly what our company will need if we are to be successful.  Value strong team members.

We did the shoot the following day and submitted it much to the delight of Balcony TV who went on to award Nu Visual Media the franchise rights to produce Balcony TV Barbados.

It was a ride of ups and downs but we took an idea and made it a reality, and I am proud of my team and our supporters. Thank you Damien Pinder, Dwayne Pinder, Jamario Maynard and a special thank you to Mrs Geeta Chatrani of the Yellow Bird Hotel and Stephen O’Regan of Balcony TV.

This is the beginning of great things; I am excited to see where this journey takes me.

This is Balcony TV

Here is a look  behind the scenes of our demo shoot for Balcony TV

Kishmar Shepherd


4 thoughts on “Balcony TV to Barbados

  1. You’re awesome sauce, guys. I especially love that one Damian with my whole heart! The world is in for a treat, there’s no way to go but up!

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